Thursday, 28 February 2019

February diary

It feels like I only wrote January’s diary a week ago? This year is going so fast already but so many lovely things have happened this month and I’m loving it. January was exciting but this month was even better and I’m so happy I got to capture the memories so I can look back in a few years. There’s something so special about looking through photos and reminiscing over the good times you had and the precious memories made. 

February started off pretty lovely, I tried out Miller and Carter for the first time which is a steakhouse, and can I mention THE best steakhouse and it really puts other places to shame! I hadn’t had steak in years so I was nervous I wasn’t going to like it as much as I thought i would but I loved it! I had baked cheddar mushrooms for my starter which was lush, and a 5oz rump steak for my main and it was the icing on the cake. It was so succulent and the chips were a little on the naughty side but you couldn’t beat them! I was so happy and the people there are so friendly and welcoming too! I had an amazing experience!

Next up was of course, Valentine’s Day. This is mine and Owens second valentine together but this year we had Harry with us! Owen was working unfortunately but it made the evening more special for us. He bought me the loveliest roses as he did last year and a lovely card with such a lovely message inside. We went out to one of our local pubs and had Steak and chips, and I had a fudge cake for dessert which was amazing.

I went to France! We all went on the ferry and it was such a lovely day. I went to Paris years back when I was in school to go to Disneyland Paris and that was amazing, but this time we just explored France for the day. We went on the Sunday so no shops were really open so we went to this seriously good sea aquarium called nausicca I believe. They had sharks, fishes, penguins and sea lions there and what a sight it was! Harry loves fish and was so mesmerised by them and his little face in all of the photos was so memorable.

We also went to the zoo as I’d been wanting to take Harry there for ages as I’ve always loved the zoo and being the cheesy Individual that I am, it was the perfect opportunity to take him as I knew he’d be into the animals as the sea aquarium in France was such an impressive outcome. It was a little chilly although it looked so warm so there wasn’t me waltzing in with just a vest top and cardigan and leggings, it was clearly coat weather when you step outside but my brain didn’t want to accept that it wasn’t sandal weather yet. I was actually a little disappointed at the zoo, purely because it was half term and it was so full of kids which is not a personal favourite of mine, I much preferred going when it was less busy; that’s one of the things I’m dreading when Harry is older for, the overload and crowds of kids. It was a lovely day but myself and Harry were completely shattered after, I think we fell asleep on the sofa afterwards.

Harry turned six months old and I still can’t get my head over it all. It’s flown by completely and it feels like yesterday I was choosing what outfit I wanted to take him home in, and how I couldn’t wait for Owen to get back to the hospital just so we could start our new life as a family. It’s been a blast so far and I can’t wait for the next six months of Harry’s life, he’s truly a beautiful and loveable boy that anyone falls in love with!

February was a busy month, we had pub lunches, trips abroad and animal filled fun and I enjoyed it. It was making memories yet again so for me that was lovely. I enjoy every minute I get with Harry as he’s not going to be a baby for long so it’s so important to make each moment count.

How was your February?

Kay x

Monday, 18 February 2019

Harry’s bath routine

If there’s one thing I love being a mum for then it’s bath time. I’ve always loved having a bath myself and find such relaxation from it. I think it’s so important that we take time out for ourselves and indulge ourselves but really caring for our skin and body too. I love the big bubbles that smell so indulgent so that you know you’re really going for it and you’re going to get out feeling so fresh and lovely. Harry’s now 5 months and I absolutely love bath time with him, it’s so fun and enjoyable and I love him getting out smelling like a proper pampered baby. He loves splashing around and just having fun but keeping clean at the same time. 

Toys are a massive winner at the moment and it’s also a really good way to keep them learning through their milestones. Harry’s only 5 months so not exactly going to be using loads of toys because he’s not at that age yet but that doesn’t stop me from purchasing a load. I picked up some of these flashy ducks that have been a massive winner for bath time, rubber ducks are a massive statement in bath so why not go all out and help their sensory needs by having a duck party?! I think so too. These were only £2.99 for 3 in B&Ms and I’m not sure if they’re still selling them anymore but I’ve found a load on eBay here if you’re interested.

Bubble bath wise I use the Asda’s own colour changing bubble bath. I heard about this on a Facebook and was so intrigued I had to go and get it for myself. It’s only £1.27 I believe and for that price I picked up 3, I had to! It changes from orange to blue and has this gorgeous orange scent which i LOVE. it smells so fruity and harry is more engaged with colours now so this is a winner. I love huge bubbles so I make sure I put plenty in to fulfill our bubble needs.

General wash I use the Aveeno daily wash and i absolutely LOVE aveeno baby products. They smell so gorgeous that it makes me want to use it on myself, and people always compliment Harry on his smell - a proper baby smell they say. I use this with my hands because he’s still very sensitive to go in with a sponge or scrubber, I do sometimes use his bath time flannels which are a lot more easier to use as they’re more gentle on the skin I find but usually I use my hands only. I use this to wash his hair too as it leaves a gorgeous smell to it, I love nice smelling hair it’s such a favourite of mine. We sometimes use the Dove gentle baby wash as that also smells amazing and works an absolute dream as well.

When harry gets out the bath I put him in his hooded towel so he doesn’t get too cold as sometimes the change from bath to not bath can be a little overwhelming for them so I make sure he’s all warm and snug before we carry on. Once he’s all warm I like to give him a massage using the Johnsons baby oil as this really relaxes him and leaves him so soft and gentle. I love giving massages so this is something that benefits us both really. He usually gets pretty relaxed by this time so I tend to leave his body lotion to the next day as sort of a freshen up but I use the Aveeno baby lotion as it’s such a smooth texture that leaves Harry feeling as soft as a feather, and he smells great too!

Kay x

Friday, 15 February 2019

How I care for my hair

I always get compliments over how lovely my hair looks and the length of it, and I’m so surprised because it takes me very little time and doesn’t really cost me much at all! I’ve always loved my hair and it’s grown so long recently which I’m so happy about because I always have those phases of “I want short hair again”, but I’ve stuck to it and grown it as much as I could and it’s made such a difference. As a mother of a baby it’s difficult to sit there and spend a couple of hours on my hair, ensuring it looks good by applying product after product. You have to find easier and more practical  ways to look after your hair whilst at home. I’ve never really been someone to spend lots of money on my hair which is also a massive bonus as it makes my life and bank account easier, so I’m very happy I’ve found a cheaper alternative. 

I’ve recently been using the brand “Tresemme” which is a famous hair care brand pretty much anyone in this world would know about, and when I was younger I never used to get on with them whatsoever, in fact my hair ended up so dry it would be flaky and itchy and ugh - not a great combo trust me. However as I’ve grown up it’s helped my hair a lot and leaves it in the best condition and actually cleanses it. I’m using their volume range which is ideal for dull and flat hair like mine, my hair has never really been voluminous but I do blow dry my hair each time and that sort of helps for a little while. I only wash my hair once a week so my hair is looking lovely the day I wash it and then the next days aren’t as great. I’ve been using their shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. 

My hair has always been quite quick to grow anyway but has never really grown below my boob, but since using this my hair has grown hugely and is pretty much nearer my waist band. I kind of wish that I took a before photo because the change is unreal. My hair was just below my shoulders and the growth is insane. I love it. My hair feels incredible and so thick and strong, I love it because it looks so long and healthy which is a massive bonus, especially for my own hair. I’ve only been using their shampoo and conditioner and hair serum and you only really need to use a tiny amount of it because a little goes a long way with this. You’d think that using a small bottle wouldn’t last very long but it actually does. I still have the serum to this day and it’s just below half way!

Other than my basic products I do use a heat protectant afterwards as I do solos dry my hair a lot so I use the GHD heat protector whilst brushing my hair to ensure that it’s protected and looked after. I’ve noticed that i haven’t had any split ends or dry patches in my hair which is so good because I cannot stand dry hair, it terrifies me and is horrible to work with. Blow drying my hair i always work the hair dryer downwards to ensure no splits are made in my hair as when we have our hair upside down is causes the heat to rise and hair then splits so always work downwards. With combing my hair afterwards I start from the bottom and work my way up because then I’m not breaking my hair with knots. It works well for me and makes sure your hair is looked after properly.

I’ve recently found an affordable tangle teezer  in Tesco which is about 5 to 6 pounds and works just as great as the branded tangle teezer. They’re super handy just to pop into your bag for travelling rather than carrying this massive bag around. I chose the colour black as it’s neutral and easy. It works amazing for tangled hair and leaves it feeling super soft and mess-free. I always use this after my shower starting from the ends of my hair to prevent any breakage. 

My hair care is really easy as you can see and it doesn’t even cost me much at all. Little time and effort makes the most difference to my hair and it’s so affordable. Obviously each hair type is different so not everyone is going to have the same results but this routine works the best for me. 

Kay x

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

January diary

I want to start doing a monthly diary here on my blog, letting you all know what I’ve been up to and for me to look back on and reflect on all of the memories I’ve had this year. I love reading lifestyle blogs, it’s my favourite thing to do by far because it’s more personal yet exciting to read and I love sharing with other people what goes on in my life to an appropriate extent. 2019 has been absolutely amazing so far and I’m so happy with my life at the moment, I can’t wait to make more memories throughout the year and live life to the fullest with Owen and Harry.

So firstly I started the gym, yes me Kayleigh Williams actually stepped into a gym for the first time in her life. After months and years of me telling myself that I’m going to do it, I finally did it. How am I doing? I’ve lost 14 pounds so far so that’s nearly a stone that’s come off of me, amazing! I’m enjoying going to the gym so much, it’s such a fun and motivating thing to do and always leaves me feeling refreshed and happy with myself. I’ve always been self conscious of my weight yet I’m a very anxious person so going to the gym and loosing weight is a massive deal for me and I’m so proud of myself for actually sticking to it. Good things come to those who wait as I always say to everyone and it’s definitely starting to show and I’m so over the moon about it. I was thinking of doing more health and fitness related posts on here but that’s a maybe at the moment.

I got the tattoo that I have wanted for years! Owen treated me to a tattoo for my birthday as he knew how much I really wanted it and I finally got it done! I was so excited but as soon as I stepped into the shop all of the nerves hit me, everyone was telling me how much it hurts and how painful it is so I was so scared it was going to be painful! However when I was getting it done it didn’t even hurt one bit! I was so proud that I didn’t even jump or anything but I think the healing process was the worst bit for me because it was so itchy!!!

Owen started a new and better job this month and I’m so happy for him. He’s such a hard working and bright person and he deserves to have a good job. We’re hoping to get our own place this year so I’m hoping that good things are on our way for us because we deserve it, it’ll be a new chapter in my life that I’m SO excited for, a place to all my own and all the homely things I can buy excite me so much! Owen works throughout the week so weekends are our family time and it makes it that little bit more special, we enjoy every moment together because we’ve definitely learnt that anything could change in the shortest of times so you just have to be prepared for that!

Harry turned 5 months old this month and it makes me so sad that he’s growing up so quickly. He’s such a happy little baby and always makes everyone smiles who goes near him. He’s learning to crawl at the moment which is such a massive milestone for him as to me that’s the next thing to standing up and walking, soon he’ll be running around and I’ll be running after him. He’s grown so quickly and although I’m sad it’s going so fast, I’m also excited for him to grow up and to see what he’ll look like older and how he’ll sound when he speaks! He’s also so forward for his age and such a strong little man.

This month has been a blast and a brilliant start to the year. All positive changes have happened and I couldn’t be more blessed to have experienced them all. I’m so grateful for the life I’m living and importantly I’m happy with my life and everyone in it at the moment. Im super excited to see what this year has to bring for me and hoping that everything falls into place in the long run as it’s been a long time coming.

How’s your year starting off for you?

Kay x
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