Wednesday, July 29, 2020

July Glossybox | review

This months Glossybox theme is "ALOHA" and it's perfect for summer and getting hold of all the essentials needed to help us through the hot moments. I was most excited about this purely because it's my first summer-related Glossybox which means so many new brands and products to try out, and also knowing that every product is going to come in super handy also.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Preparing for holiday with a toddler

We had the pleasure of going to Great Yarmouth for holiday a couple of weeks ago, it was such a lovely time away and we had so much fun. One thing I always have to be, before we go anywhere is to be prepared for the trip. I've become very organised recently and I like getting things done straight away so there's nothing to worry about and it doesn't make me feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. If you want to find out more about how I stay prepared for holiday then keep reading to find out my tips and tricks.
Sunday, July 19, 2020

Beauty Bay nude palette | review

I've been using Beauty Bay for quite a few years now, mainly because there are so many brands on the app that you can get all at once and there are often quite a few sales at the same time. One of the things I noticed was that I barely own any of the makeup from Beauty Bays own range, which is unlike me. I've heard so many people raving about the palettes they do but have never ventured out to try one for myself. I first purchase the 42 bright matte palette back when lockdown started and fell in love, the pigmentation and formula of the eyeshadows were so good and the palettes are quite affordable which is always a win.
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Zoeva 'Spice of life' highlighter duo | review

I purchased the spice of life highlighter duo palette by Zoeva as a first time buyer. I've never tried Zoeva before but heard so many people speak about their makeup in such a positive way. I know their brushes get a lot of love, I really want to venture out and purchase some for myself but right now I cannot justify paying the £80 for it. To be honest with you, I was actually quite shocked to find out that they're not actually that much of an expensive brand. I'm so glad because I really would love to try out their foundation and eyeshadow palettes. For now I decided to buy the highlighter palette as I don't own that many highlighters even though I wear it on the daily!I paid £7 for this palette as it was in the sale so it was a huge bargain, but it's original price is £13 which isn't even that bad I don't think. I thought that Zoeva would be an expensive brand but they're actually pretty affordable if you think about it, so worth checking out. 

I do quite like this palette, but I wouldn't say it's a 10/10. I love both of the colours but I don't find them as pigmented as I would've liked. It could be that I'm very fussy with highlighter but I much prefer one that is a lot more noticeable. Sweet relief, I was really hoping it was going to be more of a champagne colour but it had more yellow tones than anything so it would be one that I apply only very little of at a time. Sinfully delicious was a bit too red for me, it's gorgeous as adding a bit of glow to your blush but I don't think I would reach for it everyday. Personally I found both of the shades very chunky and there was a lot of fall out, I'm gutted really because I had high hopes for this palette, but I will be trying more of Zoeva. I'm dying to try out their new Rose gold brushes and finishing powder. I'm not going to class this as a fail but as a trial for trying something new. I tried a brand I haven't used before and I'm sure I will love a lot of their other products.

Dont forget to check out Zoeva on their website or on beauty bay!

Kay x
Sunday, July 12, 2020

Health anxiety | my story

I never really wanted to be open about my struggles with health anxiety because it's so embarrassing in my eyes and a lot of people don't quite get the concept of what it really is. With any form of mental health, you can fall into the pit at any given time. It's very common for people to experience anxiety or depression after a traumatic event or the loss of a loved one. A lot of people are genuinely born with mental health issues but don't realise it until later on in life; it's nothing to ever feel bad about. I wanted to create a space here on my blog dedicated to mental health only, as a comfort for not only myself but for others too. It's very easy to feel alone and different when it comes to our mental health, but knowing that others have walked the same path is something I find very comforting, it also gives you a bit of reassurance at difficult times that you're not alone, and there are people out there who understand and will listen. Regardless of whatever mental illness you're suffering from, there is always someone out there who understands.
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

How I'm helping Harry in Summer

I don't think any of us were ready for the heatwave we had a couple of weeks ago, I certainly wasn't. Physically I weren't because during lockdown i've become the biggest slob yet and eaten almost triple my body weight. Besides the fact that I have been a real hot mess Harry has been my priority during this time. He wasn't as active this time last year because he had only just learnt to walk properly. I've noticed a huge change in him lately. I struggle myself in the heat so I can only imagine how Harry must be feeling, and being unable to say how he feels must be so hard too. I took to Instagram and so many of you gave me wonderful and really helpful advice. A lot of it I genuinely don't know how I didn't think of it myself because they were so easy and simple! 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Let's cut the young-mum shaming

In society, we have pretty much categorised everyone, rich or poor, pretty or ugly, short or tall. One of the main things I have noticed society categorise are mums. All of the good mums are described as being older, yet the younger mums are described as being stupid, next to nothing or just a bad mum in general. When I fell pregnant I heard it all, "you've ruin your life now" "how can you afford a child?" "you're way too young to be having a child" "you should be ashamed of yourself." Believe it or not, these were the exact words I had heard when I announced my pregnancy, some even from family. It makes my blood boil because there are actually people who think they can actually have a say on what you do with your life, and make you out to be a nobody. I was so upset when I heard some of the things I did, I was expecting people to be happy and excited for me, not bashing me and making me feel like crap.