Sunday, 27 November 2016

Maybelline vivid matte liquid lipsticks

Last week I was incredibly lucky to win a giveaway by the gorgeous ohitssare and I won the Violet Voss holy grail palette (a blog post will be up soon), a makeup brush cleaner and this gorgeous lipstick set from Maybelline. I was completely speechless, as what girl doesn't want to receive a lipstick set as beautiful as this? 

I'm a huge sucker for nudes and pinks so this set was right up my street as all of the shades are completely gorgeous. A couple of the shades I hadn't tried before such as the coral pinks and orange reds, so I wasn't sure whether I was going to like them or not, but I'm obsessed already and they're not as bad as what I thought. The formula of these lipsticks is fantastic and it almost feels as if you don't have any product on your lips at all which is fantastic. They're matte yet feel super soft and comfortable and also don't leave any cracks whatsoever. I love the fact that these lipsticks also last a really long time, which is a first because the majority of my lipsticks, I have to keep topping up which can be a huge pain, however with these there's no need to. They're also really lightweight too which is so handy and they're not too big either so they are super handy to just pop in your handbag.

Nude thrill, Nude flush, Berry boost, Orange shot, Rebel red, Coral courage, Electric pink, Possessed plum.

I think my favourite shades from the whole collection are Nude flush and Possessed plum. These ones just stand out the most to me as I love nudes and I love dark berry tones. Nude flush is something I haven't actually tried before but I loved how it looked on my lips and I was so impressed with how it felt too. Possessed plum is quite similar to my other shades, however I love it just as much and that also feels so nice on my lips.

Which of these Lipsticks do you like the look of? Have you ever tried the Maybelline vivid matte liquid lipsticks, and if so which ones are your favourite?

Kay xx

Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Nivea lip butter in Raspberry rose

It really sucks around this time of the year because my lips become so dry it hurts. As much as I love keeping my lips soft and crack-free, it seems almost impossible during Autumn/Winter. It's down to which products you use though, and I found myself using products which weren't helping my lips at all and if anything, were making them worse. Last week I found the Nivea lip butter in my makeup collection, hence the aged packaging, which I hadn't used in ages. I loved it last year and couldn't believe I forgot all about it as the smell is so divine and fruity. It smells a bit like raspberry yogurt, which is one of my favourite scents out there. It looks a bit like it too, which is like the Lush popcorn scrub all over again, they're not edible okay?

I thought I'd try and use the lip butter again and see if it helps my lips in any way. My lips were in such a terrible condition, and they even started to burn around the lining which was horrible. I only used a thin layer of the Nivea lip butter because I really don't like the feeling of thick lip products. A thin layer is all you really need. My lips started to improve within 2 hours which was a massive bonus and the burning on my lips started to disappear. It was such a great feeling and the more I could see the results, the more I was motivated to keep using the product and getting into the habit of regularly topping it up. I'm so bad at sticking to routines, so I really have to push myself and be really motivated to do so. Since I started using the lip butter, I've been so determined to keep my lips healthy and smooth. Let's see if I keep up it up.

I am so impressed by how handy this lip butter is, and how well it really works. My lips have fet so soft and protected over the colder days, so a huge thanks goes out to Nivea for helping me out on that one. I definitely want to try out some of the other scents! 

Kay xx

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Facial training with Dermalogica

My facial training for beauty therapy happened last week. It was very exciting as I'm all about skincare and learning new things, and I needed to know about everything as we've started facials in the salon at college. We were incredibly lucky to have Dermalogica themselves come into the salon and let us complete our training as part of the Dermalogica skin treatment programme.

The first thing we were introduced is about Dermalogica as a brand in itself and what they look for within their products. They believe that our skin health is super important, therefore we should be taking more time out to look after it. I myself, didn't realise how harsh some chemicals were to your skin, and how important double cleansing is, but I'll talk about that later. They believe that every skin type/condition is able to have a full benefit with the same results attired to their needs. Most of their products are tailored for specific skin types and each product does it's job at improving the skin.

Something I was fairly familiar with as we do this already in the salon, is consultation sheets. This is something that allows the therapist (me) to get to know the client a bit more and find out what their needs are, and what their current skincare routine already is. I love filling in consultation sheets because it builds a good understanding of the client, and also it's so much fun to fill in. Within Dermalogica consultation, you have to include face mapping, and a prescription sheet which allows the client to go home and find the products which the therapist has recommended for them.

We then went on to face mapping the skin and labeling the areas. All together there are around 14 zones on your face which probably sounds like a lot, but it's pretty straight forward. A lot of this I already knew through previous revision, however it was nice to re cap. If you're unfamiliar on the 14 zones on your face, you can look here. I found it the most interesting because I never really knew about this before I started studying beauty therapy and it's a huge eye opener. It was so fun to learn what zones get affected by what and you can instantly find why you're getting spots in a specific area. After face mapping, we then decided which products would be suitable for ourselves and our skin type. I have Combination skin which is where you are oily in the T-zone, but fairly dry on the cheek area, so I have to make sure that I'm using the products which are going to benefit my skin.

The last thing we got to do, was try out all of the products and see what each of them do. My personal favourite was trying the moisturizers on my skin because they felt super nourishing. In total, we got to try a cleanser, exfoliater, toner, eye creams and moisturizer. We then chose which one was our favourite from each and then wrote down which one we chose. We had to choose something that was the best fit for our skin and then write it on the prescription sheet. It was so much fun learning more about your own skin, and realising that it's so important to look after it just as much as everything else. I now take extra care when doing my skincare routine, and have even considered purchasing some of Dermalogica's products as I was so pleased with the results and how well they really work. After this, we were followed by a full demo of a facial. This was particularly helpful because we were able to see how it's properly done and what sorts of things we could be doing to improve our current routine.

Overall, I loved the training day and I learnt so much. Having Dermalogica come in personally makes it that little bit better and it was definitely a day to remember. I highly recommend that any of you go out and try some of Dermalogica products because you will not regret it.

Kay xx

Saturday, 12 November 2016

How to overcome negative comments

When I was in school, I never really told people I had a blog. I left the link in my Instagram bio and posted regularly on Twitter but I never announced it on Facebook or Snapchat or verbally told people. I guess that when I started I was afraid people wouldn't accept me for who I really was. I hid myself under this imma be a loud bitch so people won't know the real me. I hid myself A LOT. I'm starting to show the real me, it's just so hard when you're surrounded by so many people who easily judge. 

The first comment I ever got was in my English class and It was something like "oh, are you gonna put that on your blog too, seeing as you post pretty much everything on there?". My heart did that sinking feeling and I immediately thought I was a crap blogger. Everything I had ever worked hard for turned into a ball of negativity, and I hated it. 

I then heard someone down the corridor speaking about my blog on how I think I'm famous or something. I'll say it now that I don't think I'm famous. Blogging is my hobby, therefore I'm going to work hard to make it my job. 

My biggest advice to give to you?

Ignore it. 

I know pretty much everyone will tell you that at some point in your life, but I cannot stress how important it is to block out the hate. If you enjoy something, then don't let ill-mannered people prevent you from achieving something in life. I've always told myself:

"If they're not lucky enough to have your number in their phone, then they're not lucky enough for their opinion to matter."

You have the power to ignore others, and you also have the power to encourage yourself to become a better and stronger person. Use what they've said, and prove them wrong. Make them regret they ever knocked you down, because you are so much better than they will ever be. Whilst you're out making something of your life they are spending their free time knocking others, making themselves look like fools. You are not the fool in this.

If you receive a negative comment on your blog, feedback on it but being positive. There is no harm in being kind, and it really does make you look like the better person. Although they've given you negative feedback, you've given back positive feedback. It shows you're willing to move on, improve it. You never know, it may even change that persons opinion on you.

Just remember, not everyone is going to understand you as a blogger. They will never know what goes on behind the screen. They will never understand the sleepless nights you may have had, trying to perfect that one blog post. They will never understand the amount of times you've ended up with a messy-ass room because you've spent hours trying to get the perfect photo. Don't let them control you. 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

My favourite drugstore lipsticks

I find that lipstick really adds that little bit extra to your face, whether that's just finishing the look off, or making your lips look bolder and a lot more appealing. I much prefer the darker lipsticks as they structure my face a lot more and complete the whole look, however I do like wearing nude shades throughout the year as they add a feminine glow to your face.

I'll hands down say it, that drugstore lipsticks are by far my favourite ones, with amazing prices and such fantastic quality. Although there are brands which aren't so up there with the oh my god I think I love this lipstick, I do find that the majority of theme are a massive winner.

I've gathered four of my favourite lipsticks at the moment. These have been a massive winner for me and I've even had the odd compliment which is such an amazing feeling to have.

From left, Abu Dhabi, 03, Starry eyed, 107.

Rimmel 03. This is one of my favourite nude lipsticks. I wore this almost every day throughout the Summer and probably will do next year. I love how comfortable this feels and how feminine it looks, and the rosy tint adds that little bit extra. I sometimes use this with other lipsticks but it looks just as great on it's own.

Rimmel 107. This lipstick has been popular since I can imagine. I can't stress enough how bloomin' amazing this lipstick is; It screams Autumn. This has a very obvious berry tone to it, giving of that berry vibe. It feels amazing on the lips and doesn't feel too drying and it lasts absolutely AGES, too. 

Rimmel 128-starry eyed. I'm so happy that this shade has a name because most Rimmel lipsticks don't. This is a fairly new lipstick that I've added to my collection and it's made it's way straight to my favourites. I love how dark and vibrant this is, it screams Autumn and winter in my opinion. I was looking for a dark lip for ages now, and now I've found this I can breathe a bit more. It's so lightweight and looks amazing too.

NYX 09-Abu Dhabi. I first bought this lip cream back in August. I was completely unaware of the huge range of lip creams etc, that they have. I've heard people talk about NYX on blogs and YouTube so I knew I had to go out and purchase something. I was instantly surprised and pleased by how amazing this is. It smells great too, and is a matte finish.
What are your favourite drugstore lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!
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