Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Too faced peach perfect loose powder

Too Faced are definitely becoming a brand that I'm warming too. I've spent the last week drooling over their website and Instagram and how beautiful everything is. I became obsessed with their stuff after I received their chocolate bar palette for Christmas last year. The smell, the look, the colours, it has it all. You cannot fault that Too Faced is the best faced. So after being on the hunt for the perfect setting powder, I did some hunting over bloglovin and read some reviews up on their "Peach Perfect" loose setting powder. They were all positive of course so I knew that the purchase shouldn't be too bad, as for £20 you do grit your teeth and wonder whether it's worth risking it or whether you should stick to the same crappy one you already have. 

Baking has become an important part of my makeup routine and now the heat is getting extreme I like my makeup to actually stay on my face and to not end up on my chin by the middle of the day. I haven't worn makeup in ages, more so once in a blue moon because I'm such a sweaty mess. All of the setting powders that I've tried have turned out to be a huge disappointment. They've never done the job right and they make my face look orange and extremely creased. I've probably tried about 5 this year so you can probably guess that I'm quite fed up of it already as all I want is for my makeup to last all day and to actually stay on my face.

The Peach Perfect setting powder comes in the most beautiful little pot and is also very lightweight. Too Faced always have such beautiful packaging so there was no doubt about it that this was going to be a pretty one. I felt like a kid at Christmas (I say that, yet am SO excited for Christmas already) when I received this in the post, but you can't not be excited when receiving a Too Faced package. The smell is gorgeous. It smells exactly like you think it would do, peaches. It tastes great too, but that was because I'm stupid and the fan blew it all in my mouth - I haven't made that mistake since. I've found that some setting powders have this weird scent to them which can be quite unflattering if I say so, so thankyou Too Faced. 

I cannot fault that this powder is the perfect solution for hot and summery days like so. I found it impossible to wear makeup with the humidity being about 343843%, but with the help of this I have no troubles whatsoever. I still have days where I don't wear any makeup because let's face it, who can really be bothered when you're already a sweaty mess by 10am. However when I do wear makeup I will always reach for this now, it's become a holy grail of my makeup bag and definitely something I know I'm going to purchase again, although I do really need to try out the Laura Mercier powder after so my years of reading about it and walking past it in Fenwick. I cannot stress how easy this is to use, there's no chance of any product coming out of the pot as they've designed it so you can close the second lid when you're not using the powder so you don't lose anything in your bag or for whatever other reason. This leaves no creases or orange patches on my skin, and lasts ALL day. It leaves my makeup looking almost air-brushed which is one of my favourite finishes for makeup as there is no better finish than one that looks flawless and professional. I definitely don't regret spending the £20 on this, because It's totally worth the money and I will be purchasing it again for sure.

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