Sunday, 5 August 2018

Primark lip kits

I recently went to Primark and purchased a tonne of makeup as I was running quite low on the makeup I already own, mainly lip and face products. It's been a while since I went out and treated myself to something new, and Primark have been somewhere I've wanted to try out makeup from for a while now after reading so many positive blog posts on them. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about the lip kits that they have to offer, some being that they're really really good and some being that they're not. I wanted to try one out for myself, so I only got one lip kit to try and see how I feel about it and then decide whether I want to go out and purchase some more.

I purchased one of their matte liquid lipsticks in the shade "sweet pink" which is a gorgeous subtle pink shade, more on the nude side though I feel. I've been really loving wearing more pink shades on my lips especially in this weather as it looks so girly and looks amazing in the sun. I didn't need any nude lipsticks as I have so many already, I needed some more pink lipsticks as I have about 2 and I barely reach for them anymore. This was definitely the perfect colour to choose, especially as the sun is always shining.

One thing that I love about lip kits is the fact they come with lip liners because I struggle SO much to find matching lip liners for certain lipsticks and sometimes the liners don't go as well with the lipstick or there is a huge difference in the shading which can be a huge pain. I have a very small upper lip so I try to line my lips a bit more on the top so they mach my bottom lip well, so I was so happy about buying a lip kit as you get the best of both worlds with this one. Lip liners are also really good to use with lip balm or for an ombre lip look. 

For three pounds you can't really deny the fact that these lip kits are good, especially for the price you pay. I weren't expecting anything to go wrong with them but they're actually amazing. They have the same formulation and feeling as the NYX soft matte cream lipsticks which are priced at £6 for just the lipstick. Not only do they feel really good on your lips, they also look really good and pigmented. Some brands of lipsticks you have to apply second, third coats just to make the colour stand out but with this you don't, and the lip liner is so easy to use and just glides on so beautifully. 

Do they last all day? Yes, I only found myself having to top it up once but that was because I had gobbled a juicy burger and had to constantly wipe my mouth, but even that was hardly any fall out, only from the middle of my lips. 

Would I recommend this? 100%. For £3 you can't go wrong at all. They do a wide range of different colours, from bold colours to nudes and even holographic colours which I'm so desperate to try out. I know I'll be purchasing a lot more of these lip kits for sure, and I'll probably be writing about them very soon.

I highly recommend that you try out these lip kits, not only for the price but the fact they are so worth the money. I've always been the one to walk past the lipsticks in Primark simply because I'm weird like that but now I'm going to keep turning back. I'm so impressed and shocked at how great these look, and how comfortable they are to wear as well, I don't feel any sort of regret from purchasing them.

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