Friday, 16 March 2018

Primark's popular foundation

The foundation that’s been the talk of the town and I thought I’d share my review on this one today.  I’ve never really bought any Primark makeup before up until this year I think it is, i think it was mainly because I worked with Primark for a few months until my boyfriend was involved in a car crash, and I got to know the store so much better and find things I never really knew was there anyway.

Primark offer a HUGE range of beauty products, from face masks to “top quality” makeup. I’m my opinion I never really thought Primark would be the one for makeup and I never would have seen myself wearing their makeup in my daily makeup routine.

I own one palette which is pretty amazing, the quality is fantastic for only £4! So after purchasing that and using it for a while I thought I’d venture in and do something I never would’ve done before. I thought I’d try out one of their foundations. Now I’ve only ever really used a couple of foundations in my life, mainly because if I like something that fits really well with my skin, looks great and does the job, then I don’t feel the need to try out anything else.

This foundation is only £5 which is a massive bargain for anyone who’s looking for a cheap foundation! When I hear the word “cheap makeup” I get worried because I never feel like it’s going to do the job for me or it’s going to look absolutely horrendous on me. I’ve tried many cheap concealers and some of them look like you’ve just wiped a load of air onto your skin and looks the complete same!


Who would’ve thought that a foundation this cheap would be so great? I have normal to combination skin and this just works incredible for my skin. It applies evenly and hides every blemish I have. Sometimes I don’t need to colour correct beforehand because this foundation does the job for me! It’s great.

The overall thickness of the foundation is quite thick and can feel a little too thick in a sticky sort of way. It doesn’t feel sticky on your face at all but I think it’s because this dries and sets so quickly on your skin and can leave a sticky feeling whilst applying. Don’t get me wrong compared to what it does I’m not complaining over this, it’s just sometimes the stickiness can be a little over-bearing. A little definitely goes a long way with this foundation and it’s lasted me so long, longer than I ever thought it would do because it’s such a small bottle but I’m overly impressed. I love the design of the bottle it’s amazing, but I really wish it had a pump! The product comes out so quickly that sometimes I waste product because I’ve over-used it! I’m getting my hands over the whole balancing it out though, I suppose having no pump means more foundation, right?!

What’s your thoughts on this foundation? Are you part of the love it club or the hate it club? I give it a 10/10!

Kay x

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