Sunday, 18 March 2018

Palettes I'm loving at the moment

I think I've mentioned multiple times on my blog and over Instagram that I am the biggest lover of eyeshadow and all palettes. I don't own like a huge amount of them but I do love looking at them and experimenting with different ones I have. 

I first started off with the Urban Decay "naked" palette and I had a very love/hate relationship with it, I could never see myself using it all of the time but I'm getting my head around it now and wanting to buy so many of their palettes because they're so god damn pretty and vibrant. Then there was the Violet Voss palette which changed my life. I remember being sent it and smiling over it for days, confessing my love for it over Instagram and my old blog; The obsession was real. 

I've always been quite a basic girl and will only ever purchase a palette that is, in my eyes affordable. I've never purchased anything high end on my own simply because I just can't afford it all of the time and I mainly get given high-end palettes for Christmas and birthdays. I own many drugstore palettes such as makeup revolution, Tanya Burr and Primark. Last year was definitely the year I began expanding my palette collection and receiving some of the best palettes yet!

Christmas last year didn't go down very well at all, but I was gifted some of the loveliest things ever. My family and friends know me too well now to know my love for makeup and I will forever ask for makeup when it comes to Christmas and my birthday. It's come to the point where some of them simply ask "what makeup do you want this year?" and I love it. There's nothing better than having family that know exactly what you enjoy and will continue to enjoy for a long long time. 

My Grandparents kindly bought me the Too Faced chocolate bar palette which I have been drooling over for so long now. The chocolate scent of the palette is what drew me in the most and every time I walk past their stand in Debenhams it's just complete heaven for me. Too faced are a brand I really want to try out more, I absolutely LOVE their range of makeup, I think it's amazing. My first ever product from Too Faced that I wanted to buy was their highlighters in heart boxes, so cute! I also love the look of their lipsticks as they look amazing and I've always heard good reviews from them.

This palette is one of those palettes that I turn to everyday because of the colours. I usually go for the browns and the nudes when it comes to everyday makeup however I have been using some of the other colours for experimenting new eye looks. I love the shimmery colours like Marzipan, creme brulee and champagne truffle. I think they look so gorgeous on the eyes and really give the attention of the shimmers. 

I find they go really well onto the lid and there's hardly any fall out either which is really good as I hate fall out when it comes to eyeshadow; It's the worst. Theses last all day long and look great on the eyes and pretty much go with anything. Obviously I use the browns and golds daily but I find they go with any outfit I'm wearing where as shades such as Candied violet and Strawberry bon bon necessarily wouldn't, but they look equally great.

I've never heard of Beauty Glazed before and never really seen anyone rave about this product, but I was given this palette for Christmas by my boyfriends brothers girlfriend and completely fallen in love! I think you can find this on Amazon but little did I know they actually have quite a lot of other products, as I found myself having a little snoop over on their Instagram. I'm all for trying new and different brands so as you can imagine I was pretty hyped over this.

The palette is absolutely gorgeous and has a huge range of different colours to try out. I've always wanted a palette that screams to me "NEW COLOURS" and this was definitely one of those. This palette features blues and purples which I've been dying to experiment with and am still working on creating some makeup looks with those. I can't wait to share those with you soon!

I knew straight away that I was going to love this palette and I was so pleased from the start. The formula is amazing, the pigmentation is incredible and the overall finish is great. These shades are so easy to apply and work as good as most palettes I use anyway. However, I have found that the foiled shades apply so much better when using fingertips as they give such a great finish. You could also apply them using setting spray on a brush to really get the results. Overall though, I would highlt recommend this palette to anyone who's wanting something different and a little bit out of the original. I never heard of this brand before I received this palette and I'm already thinking of purchasing some more to try out in the future!

What's your favourite palettes at the moment?

Kay x

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