Sunday, 28 May 2017

Tanya Burr's "my paradise" eyeshadow palette

I recently picked up one of Tanya Burr's recently launched palettes in the name "my paradise". I've never owned a Tanya Burr palette but I mainly wanted to try out this one because I loved the pineapple detail and of course the summer vibe going on.

Summer is finally here (let's pray to the English gods that it stays that way) which means that rose gold is IN. I've been completely obsessing over this palette mainly because of the rose gold which is also shimmery, what more could a girl want? I also love that the packaging is rose gold too and that's a massive bonus.

The palette in itself is super girly and pretty which is right up my street. I'm loving everything girly at the moment so this is possibly my new bestfriend for the time being. It has a metallic touch to it which I also find really cool and eye-grabbing, and not to mention the mirrored heart inside, how cute?

When I first used this palette there wasn't much build up of the colours which was a little disappointing. However when I used it for a second time it was great. I wouldn't say that the pigmentation is the best but there is definitely something there and the outcome was so pretty and natural. I received so many compliments on that one day about my makeup saying how well it went with my skin tone and how pretty it made my eyes look which is also a really good compliment to receive.

I noticed how healthy and vibrant my eyes looked after using these colours and they really did go with everything about me. I was so used to wearing pinks and silvers that it became boring in the end so this was so good to be able to change everything up and try something new.

With the makeup look I've shared, I was using the colours "champagne cocktail" and "tranquility" which were such a good combination and had a really good turn out. My eyeliner seemed to stand out a lot more and it looked so good. I was so impressed too because it lasted all day which is amazing and what you need in weather like this!

Overall, I would give this palette a solid 8/10, the pricing is super affordable and it lasts forever. I'm so proud of Tanya for bringing out this palette as she's worked so hard on it and the turn out is incredible! I'll definitely be purchasing more of Tanya's beauty products soon!

Kay x


  1. Such nice shades! They look lovely on xx

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