Wednesday, 15 March 2017

MAC fix plus settting spray

I feel like setting sprays have become hugely popular over the years. I myself have never really owned one, nor known what the hell they do so when I purchased my first one I was a little confused as to how and what to use it for. 

MAC are a brand I've grown so much love for recently, and I'm finding myself buying more and more from them. I've heard a lot about their setting sprays as they're pretty much in every makeup bloggers collection. So you know, being the blogger that I attempt to be, I thought I'd check it out and see what the fuss is all about.

At a price of £18, you couldn't really say no. It's a lot cheaper than the Urban Decay all nighter, and in my own opinion a lot better because the all nighter just didn't work for me at all which sucks. It was like spraying nothing on your face.

When I first tried out the fix plus spray, I sprayed it a little too close to my face, making it look like I'd poured water down my face. Much to Toni's horror because she thought it was hilarious... The second time I used this I sprayed an even amount onto me, which seemed like a good amount of coverage. 

12 hours later and my makeup was STILL in place. The places in which it would have never stayed on before, my forehead, chin and under eyes, were still the same as the morning. I was so pleased. 

I'm not one for constantly topping my makeup up, having to rush to Debenhams to touch up my foundation and wastely use my powder, it gets annoying. It was so handy to be able to get through my day knowing my makeup was still in place and looking good. 

My tip would definitely be to spray this before AND after your makeup, because I can guarantee that it will stay in place. I never thought I would find a setting spray that I would be so pleased with, but this one definitely worked well with me.

Kay x

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