Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Body Shop hand cream

I've never really been into hand creams, but recently my hands have become so incredibly dry, due to having to wash them pretty much 24/7 in the salon and also at work. As much as it's great to stay clean all of the time it isn't actually good for your hands to constantly have harsh chemicals being wiped all over them. 

I was gifted this hand cream at Christmas and was super excited to test it out because I've known so many people who've used this and said great things about it. I also wanted to get into The Body Shop a bit more this year, as they seem to be such a great brand that almost everyone enjoys using. This one is the Strawberry hand cream, and the first thing that I noticed was the packaging. I don't know what it is, but I just love something about this packaging, it really fascinates me for some reason.

The hand cream in itself is actually really good, and actually does make such a difference to dry hands. My hands were extremely dry when I first used this, so it was great so see if it worked, and it does. There's no sticky feeling to it, and it dries within seconds but obviously moisturizing at the same time. I just love it, I definitely want to start using more Body shop products as there's so much to offer from them!

Kay x


  1. I really love The Body Shop hand creams as they smell divine but they're not too expensive either xx

  2. Love it. Please check out how I balayaged my own hair!

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  3. This sounds really good. My hands used to be so severely dry and one of the only hand creams that didn't irritate them was one by Korres, the Guava flavour I think!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. ooh, I've never heard of that brand before, I'll have to check them out! I love this hand cream, you'll definitely have to try it out for sure.

      Kay x


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