Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Nivea lip butter in Raspberry rose

It really sucks around this time of the year because my lips become so dry it hurts. As much as I love keeping my lips soft and crack-free, it seems almost impossible during Autumn/Winter. It's down to which products you use though, and I found myself using products which weren't helping my lips at all and if anything, were making them worse. Last week I found the Nivea lip butter in my makeup collection, hence the aged packaging, which I hadn't used in ages. I loved it last year and couldn't believe I forgot all about it as the smell is so divine and fruity. It smells a bit like raspberry yogurt, which is one of my favourite scents out there. It looks a bit like it too, which is like the Lush popcorn scrub all over again, they're not edible okay?

I thought I'd try and use the lip butter again and see if it helps my lips in any way. My lips were in such a terrible condition, and they even started to burn around the lining which was horrible. I only used a thin layer of the Nivea lip butter because I really don't like the feeling of thick lip products. A thin layer is all you really need. My lips started to improve within 2 hours which was a massive bonus and the burning on my lips started to disappear. It was such a great feeling and the more I could see the results, the more I was motivated to keep using the product and getting into the habit of regularly topping it up. I'm so bad at sticking to routines, so I really have to push myself and be really motivated to do so. Since I started using the lip butter, I've been so determined to keep my lips healthy and smooth. Let's see if I keep up it up.

I am so impressed by how handy this lip butter is, and how well it really works. My lips have fet so soft and protected over the colder days, so a huge thanks goes out to Nivea for helping me out on that one. I definitely want to try out some of the other scents! 

Kay xx

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