Monday, 31 October 2016

Taking time out for yourself

This blog post is mainly for me to look back on, especially on weeks like this because I've literally been non stop all week helping others. It's completely tiring if I'm honest with you, but it's made me feel good about myself. Knowing I went all out to do others favors and helping family with things, really makes you feel good inside and gives you that little bit more hope and inspiration. However, it's super important you take time out for yourself and doing something you love , whether that's a full on pamper evening, a shopping splurge or even going to the cinema with your friends. Do what you enjoy. You've worked hard for it, therefore you deserve it. 

There was once a time where I pretty much spent a good two weeks helping family with personal things, and it exhausted me to the point where I mentally couldn't carry on. I thought to myself "why not treat myself? Y'know, as a sort of thankyou and well bloody done?" so I did, I treated myself to a shopping splurge followed with, of course, some doughnuts. I don't usually go on shopping splurges, but this one felt so good because I'd deserved it. The point is, you should never work to the point of it affecting you inside. That just means you're doing a bit too much and you need to slow down. It's okay to say no sometimes, so don't be afraid to turn down what someone has asked you to do.

Something I started to do was to set a specific day of the week where I dedicate it to myself and myself only, and for me that's on a Sunday. Mainly because I usually have nothing on that day and it's such a comforting and peaceful day, and I find that I can be completely myself and not have to worry about anything else. My day pretty much consisted of staying in my pjamas and not doing anything to my face. As much as I hate being bare-faced, it felt good because my face was able to breathe a bit more and not have to worry about any foundation blocking it's view. 

I made sure I was sticking to drinking only herbal teas as I much prefer those to normal tea, and also making sure I was keeping up with drinking water because water is one of my favourite drinks and it makes me feel good. I usually go out the day before and buy some snacks to have with me throughout the day whether that's popcorn, chocolate, cookies or doughnuts. I pretty much pig out on days like these mainly because it's my day therefore I'm not bothered about what I'm eating, plus who can reject a cookie and doughnuts because I can't!? Seeing as the theme for this month is Halloween, I've made pretty sure that I'm stocking up on Halloween films and reading Halloween stories because I just love doing that. It's so nice to take some time off social media, or in my case Instagram and Twitter, and really relax. I then finish off my day by having a Lush bath and some of my favourite skincare products and end with a face mask. 

I love taking time out for myself, and so should you. Everyone should take one day of the week and save it for themselves.

Kay xx


  1. Sounds like a great idea, we should all take a little bit of time out for ourselves when we can x


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