Friday, 16 March 2018

Primark's popular foundation

The foundation that’s been the talk of the town and I thought I’d share my review on this one today.  I’ve never really bought any Primark makeup before up until this year I think it is, i think it was mainly because I worked with Primark for a few months until my boyfriend was involved in a car crash, and I got to know the store so much better and find things I never really knew was there anyway.

Primark offer a HUGE range of beauty products, from face masks to “top quality” makeup. I’m my opinion I never really thought Primark would be the one for makeup and I never would have seen myself wearing their makeup in my daily makeup routine.

I own one palette which is pretty amazing, the quality is fantastic for only £4! So after purchasing that and using it for a while I thought I’d venture in and do something I never would’ve done before. I thought I’d try out one of their foundations. Now I’ve only ever really used a couple of foundations in my life, mainly because if I like something that fits really well with my skin, looks great and does the job, then I don’t feel the need to try out anything else.

This foundation is only £5 which is a massive bargain for anyone who’s looking for a cheap foundation! When I hear the word “cheap makeup” I get worried because I never feel like it’s going to do the job for me or it’s going to look absolutely horrendous on me. I’ve tried many cheap concealers and some of them look like you’ve just wiped a load of air onto your skin and looks the complete same!


Who would’ve thought that a foundation this cheap would be so great? I have normal to combination skin and this just works incredible for my skin. It applies evenly and hides every blemish I have. Sometimes I don’t need to colour correct beforehand because this foundation does the job for me! It’s great.

The overall thickness of the foundation is quite thick and can feel a little too thick in a sticky sort of way. It doesn’t feel sticky on your face at all but I think it’s because this dries and sets so quickly on your skin and can leave a sticky feeling whilst applying. Don’t get me wrong compared to what it does I’m not complaining over this, it’s just sometimes the stickiness can be a little over-bearing. A little definitely goes a long way with this foundation and it’s lasted me so long, longer than I ever thought it would do because it’s such a small bottle but I’m overly impressed. I love the design of the bottle it’s amazing, but I really wish it had a pump! The product comes out so quickly that sometimes I waste product because I’ve over-used it! I’m getting my hands over the whole balancing it out though, I suppose having no pump means more foundation, right?!

What’s your thoughts on this foundation? Are you part of the love it club or the hate it club? I give it a 10/10!

Kay x

Friday, 16 February 2018

3 things that have made me happy this week

I thought I’d bring some positivity to my blog seeing as my the last couple of posts seem to be quite daunting and sad. I always say to my friends or anyone in fact, always look for the good in the bad. You may be having the crappiest week of your life and feel like there is no light whatsoever but good things are coming. You just have to look for them yourself to really achieve any positivity in your life. Here’s 3 things that have really made me smile this week.

1. Valentine’s Day was such a beautiful day for me. It was my first ever valentine’s with someone I love, and I got treated like a princess and gifted the most beautiful bunch of roses. My boyfriend took me out for a meal later that evening where enjoyed a lovely curry, finished off by some cake and ice-cream, heaven! It felt so nice to feel loved for one day. Pregnancy can make you feel a little low at times and my boyfriend was so lovely to me.

2. I’m seriously loving coating up in bed or the sofa and putting a film on. Everyone loves a good film every so often and my best picks this week are girly, chick flick films. If you’ve never watched “bring it on” then you should! It kind of reminds me of a cross between mean girls and step up! It’s a classic girly film and it’s definitely one that made me chuckle and smile.

3. Blogging has been something I’ve always wanted to do but do some annoying reason something always gets in the way for me. I’m not a sit at home girl, but recently I have been and i love looking through people’s blog posts now. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages now and I’m so happy I can finally do it! I really want to make something of this blog, I just really need to get my neck into it.

What’s made you happy this week?

Monday, 12 February 2018

New beauty buys I'm loving

I've done a bit of makeup shopping recently as I've found my love for makeup again! I've been watching so many beauty bloggers and makeup Instagram accounts and completely fallen in love with trying out new products and creating new makeup looks, especially for the eyes!

I recently purchased a few makeup bits as I wanted to try out some new products that I hadn't before. Some of them are completely new in choice of branding but some are brands I'm aware of and have been so amazed at reviews and swatches.

Primark is a place I only ever go to for clothes and clothes only. I've never even properly looked in their beauty section before. I worked in Primark last year for a bit and got to know a lot of their stock and different products they have to offer and I must say that there is a lot of beauty products in Primark than you think. They offer skincare, hair care, makeup, nail care, bath and shower stuff, makeup bags, the whole lot. I will just say here and now that it's really good. The quality is amazing and the pricing is just the icing on the cake. I never thought that their makeup would actually be any use to me or would I even have some of it in my makeup bag or my favourites in my blog post. Never!

I purchased the "my perfect colour" foundation a couple of weeks ago and I haven't use another foundation since. The coverage is surprisingly thick and it's definitely long-wearing. Going to be a bit gross here but the other day I was wearing this foundation as we went out to a family party, the foundation lasted the WHOLE day. I got so tired that I actually slept in my makeup because I'm so lazy and gross. The foundation was still on my face the next day, I was in genuine shock because usually I wake up looking like Mr.Blobby because my foundation has gone crazy. This foundation only costs £5 and is cheaper than all my other foundations yet so much better! It's like a beauty miracle!

Something I've never tried out with makeup before are highlighting drops that you can mix in with your foundation to get that glow. I've seen so many people use them in makeup videos, I've always thought they look kind of cool. I love the way the bottle looks and how perfect they go with foundation. I use a highlighter cream underneath my foundation anyway as I love a healthy glow to my makeup as my skin is so dull-looking at the moment. These drops are actually pretty good, they leave such a pretty glow onto your skin which genuinely makes you look healthy. It has no weight to it which is also really handy as I hate my face feeling like it has tonnes of product on. The glow on it's own is also enough to use as just a highlighter in itself as it's so pigmented.

I love colour correcting and have done for over a year now. I learnt more about colour correction in college and have been using it myself ever since. I never thought that it would actually help out and cancel out certain areas that really bug me, such as under my eyes, my redness and yellowness. I usually use the NYX colour correction palette and a cheap one from Just essentials. I bought the collection lasting perfection concealers in green and purple, the other colours were sold out but I usually only use these colours anyway. these ones are just like the original concealer but obviously do different things. I think they work really well and do the job well, it covers everything up so well too.

I've heard SO many reviews on this concealer. I first heard about it on their Instagram page and then from Rachel Leary. It's supposed to be the cheaper alternative to the Tarte shape tape concealer. I couldn't agree more. I've only ever used the collection lasting perfection concealer as that's the only concealer that's ever amazed me personally, but after using this I don't think I can go back now. The quality of this concealer is AMAZING. It definitely conceals really well as my face looks so flawless after using this concealer. It's amazing. I knew that after watching Rachel's video that I was instantly going to get it because it looked awesome on her skin and the coverage is great too!

Kay x

Saturday, 10 February 2018

I had the most beautiful ending to something horrific.

It feels like forever since I've sat down and wrote something out of my mind for you to read, but this post is something that I didn't want to share with you at first as it was very personal to me and at the time was the last thing on my mind.

Back in October I mentioned that I had a house fire with my boyfriend and his family. It was a horrible, completely horrible. We stayed in a hotel for 2 months which felt like we were so distant from reality and that we were being pushed out of our home, but realistically we had no choice. It sounds quite fun doesn't it? Staying in a hotel for 2 months, Premier Inn to be exact. Having that 5 star bed and the amazing shower. It was okay whilst it lasted. It got to the point where we were sick of unlimited breakfast and sick of  waking up away from home; It got boring for us. I think we got back just after fireworks night which felt like such a relief because we did not want to spending our Christmas in a hotel, away from everyone.

I loved being home and being able to go downstairs in my pj's grabbing a cup of tea and then rushing back upstairs to get into bed with my boyfriend. It was the best feeling when we got home, everything was back to normal..

December 12th, was possibly the worst day of my life and a day I never ever want to remember. My boyfriend was in a horrific car crash, it haunts me even saying "car crash". I won't go into the crash details but I will just say it was f***ing horrible, something even the emergency services felt traumatized by. Owen (boyfriend) was flown to Cambridge hospital where he was put into a medically induced coma. Something I never thought that would ever happen to me, and I wouldn't wish this on anyone ever. Owen had severe head injuries and although as horrible as it sounds, head injuries was the only thing he suffered with to begin with. He was put into a coma to ensure his brain pressure was kept very low otherwise he would be at high risk of a stroke and I think you can guess what would happen after that.

We were given the dreadful chat before we got to see Owen. The Neuro-surgeons came into the room we were waiting in and asked us to sit down, and you know that when they sit down that's not something that means "he's going to be coming home today, just give us a few hours". Nope. We were told that the next 72 hours are going to be the critical stages and that we could either lose Owen now or he could fight it. We got through those 72 hours, hardly any sleep and not much food/drink within us but we got there.

Owen fought so hard throughout his journey in hospital and we had some of the most horrible days but there were also the good days. The days where everyone become closer and stuck together. Everyone was there for Owen and supported him throughout the whole of his journey which I loved so much. Fundraising pages were set up for Owen where we raised quite a lot of money to help us stay with Owen in Cambridge before he was a little better. We stayed in the hospital everyday and every night until we knew that he was going to be okay.

Owen woke up from his coma on 20th December which was the best feeling no one could ever explain. The happiness I felt when Owen woke up was something I can't explain only with the love I have for that boy. Owen continued to stay in hospital up til the 10th January where he finally came home.

 The journey we went through with Owen, in my own words are un-describable. The fear, the nerves and the sadness will forever be stuck with me now. I even think about it today and look at Owen and I say to him "don't you ever leave me like that again, and if you do, take me with you."

Now onto the best ending...

I spent Christmas and my 18th birthday with Owen in hospital. A few days before my birthday I noticed that I'd been feeling quite sick lately and I wasn't myself...

On 30th December I found out that I'm having a baby! It was a complete shock to me, and at 18 years old my first thoughts were "how the hell am I going to be coping with this on top of Owen?!" but then I told Owen the news and he told me to go for it and that he'd be by my side throughout the whole thing.

I'm due a little baby in August and I couldn't be more excited than to share the journey with you! It's taken a while for it to sink in for me but now I'm so determined and excited for the future. Owen and I have been through so much together and I feel like this baby is 100% a gods blessing. There's been so much happiness flying around our lives this year.

It's been the best ending to something truly horrific.

Kay x
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